Roast Coffee Beans

Green beans, starting.

Yellow beans, after a short while, you will notice your beans change color

First cracking, you will hear an audible crackings. This is lighter then light roast
Light roast, this follows the first cracking, and the beans is light brown color.

Second cracking, the sound will be much louder this time. This medium dark roast.

Dark roast.


1 bag unroasted green coffee beans

Some butter

Place skillet on stove, turn it on. Temperature should be 170 degree Celsius. Add the green beans. You can add in some butter.

Keep whisking, you will notice the coffee change colors.

When you hear the cracking sound, it’s first cracking sound.

Continue to roast and will hear more crackings. Second crack.

When a lot of smoke, that is dark roast.

Once you are happy with the consistency of the beans, you can remove the skillet.

My one I make dark roast.

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