From Coffee berry to Coffee Beans

What is a coffee cherry?

However, when we look at the coffee from a biological view, coffee beans are not beans. They are seeds from the coffee cherry.
The coffee cherry start from green, when ripen, become redder.

After being picked, the skin and plup are removed, and the seed is roasted to become coffee beans.

When you bite into a coffee cherry, you will realize that it is mostly skins and seeds, its sweet and fresh at the same time, imagine a watermelon mixed with apricot.

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Washed or Wet Process

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After picking, the coffee bean is removed from its cherry underwater or specially designed machine.

This type of process is part of what contributes the clean, classic latin American coffee profile.

Pulp Natural

Also sometimes called semi washed. This style of processing involves removing skin of the ripe coffee cherry, leaving the bean to dry in the sort of sticky gut of the fruit.

These coffee tends to have a more creamer mouth feel and deeper fruity taste.

Natural or Sun dried

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The cherry is driedd around the bean either after picking or as common in Brazil, on branch of the coffee bush, then husked off and discarded.

This type of coffee have much syrupier body than washed ones, have very pronounced fruit characteristics


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