Brew Your Own Coffee: Moka Pot

Grind coffee beans
You should buy coffeebeans to get the most out from the coffeebeans. Coffee powder will not be as great.

I use grinder to grind the coffee beans when I make coffee. I grind it to be like that size of powdered Boncafe coffee or powdered starbuck coffee, but modified 1 or 2 step finer in my grinder. The grounds should be like sand.
It is also stated the finer you grind, the more surface area of the grounds you exposed, hence, faster extraction.  Therefore, the coarser the coffee beans, the lesser the beans is extracted. The finer the coffeebeans, the more the beans is extracted.

If your coffee tastes overly bitter, you may be grinding too fine. If your coffee tastes watery and acidic, you may be grinding too coarsely.

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I use medium grind, hence, I am correct.

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Bloom the coffee
The coffee beans need to be bloomed and let the grounds release CO2. Allowing coffee to bloom will enhance the favour, making it cleaner and more flavourful.


Temperature of Water

The hotter the water, the faster it extract compound such as oils, acid and caffeine. Higher temperature tougher to control the rate of 3xtraction, hence, can lead to over extraction.

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Brew Time
The amount of time water is in contact with coffee grounds is important.
Over extraction – Brew time is too longUnder extraction – Brew time is too short.


4 tablespoon coffee beans

300 ml hot water

Grind the coffee beans

Moka pot

Put hot water into bottom chamber

Fill Funnel with Coffee grounds. Level the grounds, do not temp the grounds.
Put Funnel.

Screw moka pot spouted top tightly using a cloth. It is heated.

Put moka pot on stove and boil.


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