Red Wine

Red wine is a popular food in Singapore. You can find Red Wine Wine at Don Don Donki at Clarke Quay and NTUC.

You can see

to find Don Don Donki at Clarke Quay.


2 kg grapes

1 kg sugar

3.5 litres water

1 teaspoon yeast

150 ml beetroot juice

Sterilize container with white rice wine.
Crush grapes to small pieces

Chop beetroot into small pieces, but beetroot and water into blender. Blend. Filter beetroot.

In a bowl of warm water add yeast. Wait 15 minutes.
Put into a jar. Add sugar, add water, add yeast, add grapes, add beetroot juice.

Stir everydayWait for 2 weeks
Strain and put back
Wait for 1 week. Let the wine age.

Who teach me one? Modified from Youtube videos or internet recipes.

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