In NUS, I emailed Dr. Liya about PhD

Dr. Liya know my qualifications, asked Dong Liang to find me do her project. Dong Liang want to be the leader, he say “do with his friends” for the algorithm and evaluation codes. Project is two persons. I rewrite the algorithm codes. I do more than 50%. I rewrite the codes, it is now clean.

“I like that also” then not clean again.

Dong Liang Algorithm:


Eric Algorithm:


Mine will be slower, but I die also don’t want to use.

I wrote a quick test (1 fold crossvalidation), In SMU, I rewrite the evaluation codes (10 folds crossvalidations).


First Round


  • Data Preparation
  • Interface

Dong Liang

  • Algorithm (I did not say this part)
  • Evaluation

Second Round


  • Data Preparation
  • Algorithm (rewrite)
  • Interface

Dong Liang

  • Algorithm
  • Evaluation

In 2013, NUS Master degree

In 2006, I developed QuillEdit at Sourceforge.net


I compensate Dong Liang two modules because he starts earlier

Same with my U21Global and IGNOU Executive MBA degree.

MBA Case Study
MBA Case Study
MBA Reflective Summary

NUS master degree

I used Dia in Ngee Ann Polytechnic Report

I developed QuillEdit in 2006, semester breaks while in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.


I developed for NUS Master Degree in 2013

I developed DSTK in 2017. DSTK (NTU version) is used in NTU ranking project.


I developed JABFR to show students how to create open source software at Sourceforge.

I developed YADBS in 2020 while in Kaplan to assist them in Data Warehouse projects


I developed JAETL in 2020 in while in Kaplan to let them see what is ETL.


This is what I give my students in Kaplan…

My courses, books, softwares

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