My mother pneumonia

I filed my mother pneumonia case in 2014

Like that settle,

After that…

2019 Covid 19 Pneumonia


188 Covid 19 Pneumonia cases

I said primary school results don’t have all As, secondary school results don’t have all As, Polytechnic results don’t have all As, University results don’t As

Hence, no people teach me, no people helped me on 27 Jun 2020

My Primary school PSLE results is 188

Then 02 July 2020


WES report say I have

  • 138.5 Grad Credits,two master degrees and 1 graduate diploma
  • Doctorate degree 博士 only 90 grad credits. This level 可能不会这些东西吗?

I emailed ISD WES report 25 Feb 2021 at Changi Airport, I left Changi Airport at 9.00 pm

After that

Same day, 25 Feb 2021, 9.30 pm

Changi Airport and Kallang is East West Line.

Argue lose me, 医生kill people?


ISD manpower is drawn from police force. I emailed ISD.

ISD: “Terrorist seldom target individual, they target big organization…”

I go in NTU Oct 2015, Vivian who is doing the QS Ranking project left in Dec 2015. I take over the ranking project, if I cannot, NTU ranking may fall.

Oct 2015 to Feb 2016 is NTU QS Ranking project period.

I filed case to ISD on 11/11/2017

Later buffet a lot of Gastroenteris viruses, then Covid 19 virus at one of hotel event (buffet again?)

DSTK is used in Ranking Project. The following are the extracts of the guide I have written and give to NTU before I resigned 8 Feb 2018 and left in April 2018. DSTK (public version) is at


When I am in NTU, NTU ranking never falled. NUS Ranking Falled in second year but NTU Ranking never falled. NTU in second year data increases from 3000 to 8000.

NTU data increases from 3000 to 8000. NUS ranking falled.

After NTU, If I do 这些东西。。。

I created Udemy Courses at National Library

Udemy approved: 19 March 2019, 16 March 2019,

PM office in National Library

18 Mar 2019

I grade Kaplan assignments at Changi Airport…

18 Jun I submit to Kaplan, 18 Jun airplane cannot fly

Modus Operandi

I go Indonesia to get SCUBA diving License 21 July 2016

Afterwards 6 Aug 2016

I filed to ISD.

ISD arrested a lot of criminals after that. Arrest heroin because heroin can cause pneumonia. If I don’t file wait like USA 911 incident.

Bukit Batok

How come got vandalism….

At Clarke Quay MRT Station




这些东西我不可以, 你不可能




Everything all Blame me.

Mother go through brain surgery because of radiation necrosis. #device

Mother go through radiation therapy before.

Mother stayed in Tan Tock Seng Hospital because of pneumonia

In 2013, Lee Kuan Yew graduated from NUS

I graduated from NUS in 2013 also

France and Poland and Singapore (United Nations Operations?) 

I flied to Malaysia (18 Sep 2013) then Paris. I am in Paris 26 Sep 2013 to 17 Nov 2013. #Device Exposed



Called Laju

President must have know what is going on. He is previous SID director.

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