Fried Kombu Beancurd skins


  • 1 large piece of beancurd (tofu) skin (the kind used for making dim sum)
  • 6 sheets of kombu
  • Flour paste – some plain flour mixed with water seasoned with stock


open up the beancurd skin. Wipe beancurd skin with 
Soak kombu
2. Lay out the whole piece of beancurd skin on your kitchen table. 
3. Brush half of the beancurd skin with the flour paste.
4. Lay the kombu on one side of the beancurd skin.
5. Brush the seaweeds with the rest of the flour paste.
6. Fold the other side of the beancurd skin over to cover the seaweed.
7. Cut into smaller sheets. 
8. Fry the strips quickly until light golden brown. 

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