Sweet Zong Zi

It is Duan Wu Jie. Everyone is making Zong Zi. During COVID-19, everyone is staying at home, so everyone is actually cooking.

During Duan Wu Jie, you can buy zong zi from NTUC and other restaurants.

You may want to know who teaches me one, or you may say 不可能,the recipes is modified from

There are references.


600 g glutinous rice 

4 tablespoon red bean paste

4 tablespoon red beans 

4 tablespoon black or green beans 

12 to 24 bamboo leaves 12 cooking strings 

Soak glutinous rice overnight 

Prepare the leaves

place leaves in pot and put water

place bowl on top of leaves

add 1 tablespoon of oil and bring it to boil

Boil at low heat for 1/2 hour

Remove and soak leaves overnight

You should be able to get the following


Make into cone. Follow

Put in some rice

Put in fillings

Put in rice



Fold and tie

Cooking with pressure cooker

Bring water yo boil

Add 1/2 tablespoon salt

Place bak chang in inner pot

Cover the lid

Turn steam relieve valve to seal

Press pressure cooker and make sure it is on high pressure

Set timer for 50 minutes 

Release pressure immediately 

Boiling on stove

Bring large pot of water to boil

Add 1/2 teaspoon salt

Place bak chang in large pot

Bring it back to boil

Cover and lower heat and heat for 2 1/2 hours

If it does not fall from leaves, it is done.



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