Self Made Beancurd (tau huay)

Soya beancurd is a good and delicious food in Singapore. You can find soya milk beancurd at basement, Kopitiam foodcourt, when you reach changi airport.

You can find top Soya beancurd at Chinatown at the central of Singapore, the place you most probably will be touring.

Rochor Original Beancurd
2 Short Street
Singapore 188211
Tel: +65 6334 1138

There are a lot of Mr Bean and Jollibeans in Singapore

Another high and top Soya beancurd can be found at Shi Chuan Beancurd

PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road

181 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208533

Tel: (65) 6428 3170

Bean curd

Soya Milk
1.5 teaspoon Lactone
1 cup water
60g sugar
Some Wolfberry
Use 1 teaspoon lactone not good

Use 1 teaspoon lactone and 1 cup water not good enough.
use 1.5 teaspoon lactone and 1 cup water good
use 0.5 teaspoon lactone and 1 cup water not tried.


  • Dissolve lactone and 1 cup water and put in. Rest 50
  • Put in water and sugar and Wolfberry
  • Add to


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