How I know how to cook?

My Mother Passed Her Skills to Me

When I was young, my mother asked me to help in cooking rice, wash vegetables, help her to look at fire.

She taught me how to stir fry, first must put garlic and oil and fry until aromatic… the following are evidences of my mother recipes…


My mother said marinate fish is light soya sauce, wine, seasame oil and pepper and flour, marinate pork and meat is light soya sauce, seasame oil, white pepper

My mother recipes is more complicated

My mother recipes is more complicated than mine…. steamed Scallops recipes from my mother


My Steamed Scallops recipes

My Recipes are more often Singapore Recipes

My Recipes are more often Singapore Recipes, hence, I am Singapore Citizen

My cooking experience

When I study Master of Technology degree in NUS (2012 to 2013), I cook Porridge. Cook can decrease spendings.

After NUS (2014 to 2014), I cook

While working in NTU (2015 to 2018), I cook

I used olive oil as oil, honey as sugar, pan salt as salt last time. Now I use sugar, oil, salt.

After NTU (2019 to current) , I cook

Hence from 2012 to now, I cooked all these. All is me.

I planned to get a Career Diploma in Gourmet Cooking and Catering, then a Certificate in East or Chinese cooking. Gourmet. I got a Certificate in Chinese cooking during NTU (2015 to 2018) .

I planned to create a recipe or food blog like this (experience), then create a Udemy course and LeanPub Book like my business SVBook Pte. Ltd.

In conclusion,

  1. My mother passed her skills to me (I am my mother son)
  2. My mother recipes is more complicated (My mother and I are not same)
  3. My recipes are more often Singapore’s Recipes (I am Singapore Citizen)
  4. My cooking experience (2012 to now #is all me)

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