Paris is nice but expensive. How to Survive in Paris?

Paris is a very nice city. The popular places includes Arc De Triompe, Notre Dame, De Louvre, Sacre Coeur, La Defense, Eiffel Tower and…

Notre Dame
Sacre Coeur
Arc De Triompe
La Defense
De Louvre
Eiffel Tower

Paris is also a very expensive place for Singaporeans because of currency exchanges.

The following is a recipe that can help you to survive in Paris for a month.

Light soya sauce is difficult to find, hence, we can use marinated fish sauce.

The soup is a cooking skill hidden.

French Roasted Chicken is very famous in Paris.

French Fridays with Dorie: Hurry up and Wait Roast Chicken

Survive in Paris

1 frozen spinach
Some water
Some light soya sauce or Some marinated fish sauce
1 roasted chicken from France


  • Put in frozen spinach
  • Put in light soya sauce
  • Put in microwave or
  • The spinach
  • In Paris, you may get marinated fish to replace light soya sauce with marinated fish sauce
  • Iny a roasted chicken.
  • In France, roasted chicken or blasted chicken is very famous
  • Buy fried rice frozen and microwave it. Put roasted chicken and soup together

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