La Lou 腊肉

腊肉 is a great and famous food in Singapore. You can find 腊肉 when you reached Singapore at the basement, Terminal 3, Changi Airport, in NTUC.

You can find top 腊肉 at the central of Singapore at Chinatown, the place you most probably will be touring.


You can cook your 腊肉 at home:

La Lou 腊肉

2 tablespoons salt 
1 tablespoon hua jiao. 
1 ba jiao, 
1 g pi
2 tablespoon light soya sauce
1 tablespoon dark soya sauce 
5 tablespoons Chinese wine 
1 tablespoon sugar 


  • Use needle or knife to make a whole and tie a thread
  • In wok (dry), fry salt, hua jiao, ba jiao, gui pi until brown
  • Put salt on the pork
  • Massage the salt and
  • hang for 2 to 3
  • Mix light soya sauce, dark soya sauce, sugar
  • Put them on pork, put in fridge for 24
  • Take pork out, Hang pork for 12 hours, put pork back to sauce and put in fridge. Repeat 3 times, then hang for 7 days
  • When grease come out, pork very hard, it is done.

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